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MCPD Certification Exams
Exam Name/Product Description
Upgrade your MCPD: Web Developer 4 to MCSD: Web Applications
PRO: Design & Develop Web Apps Using MS .NET Framework 4
UPGRADE: Transition MCPD.NET Framework 3.5 Development Skill to .NET 4 Windows Application Development
UPGRADE: Transition MCPD.NET Framework 3.5 Web Development to 4 Web Development

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Kumar Acharia, of Wisconsin here. I just bought the MCPD certification prep four days before writing my exam. I studied the Cheat-test guide inside out, adding to the prep with the audio exams. After four days I wrote the exam in under 45 minutes! The most amazing part is that I passed with a score of 89%!! WOW, I am truly amazed at what I accomplished and know that I couldn't have done it without Cheat-test. You are the greatest and I will always use your products when preparing for any MCPD certification."

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I am Phillipe G. Roberto. I am new to this country and find it hard to get a good job. I was advised by my uncle who is a technician in a big company that some people back at the office were talking about Cheat-test and how it was a great product for people wanting to prepare for MCPD. I looked into this Cheat-test testing website and decided to enroll. I found that the questions were geared for self-paced study. I went slow first but picked up speed in about a week. I took the MCPD and I passed easily. Now I got a good job and work full time. Thank you."

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Being a sibling of 5 brothers and sisters, I can say with a consensus of my family that Cheat-test is a reliable name in exam preparation. All my siblings, including me, actually had a competition for the MCPD exam that who will score better and all of us availed the services of Cheat-test. None of us siblings scored less than 85% in the MCPD exam. This is the reason why I and my family suggest that after studying the entire course, a thorough review of Cheat-test Q & A should definitely be done."

Glorious Moment In MCPD Exam
I always wanted to feel on top of the by scoring high in MCPD exam, but I did not know how I would get that with my current preparation. Then my cousin suggested Cheat-test to me. It was almost like magic, that I began to feel confident for the Microsoft exam, because this time I was getting a good preparation and understanding of the syllabus, from resource material which made it easy to understand the exam. I got 94% on MCPD exam, and I have never been happier.
Anya West"

Never A Sad Moment
Retrying MCPD exam should not bring about sadness, but of course it is hard not to feel that. I learned to be more positive with Cheat-test, because my friend recommended it to me when I was reappearing for the Microsoft exam. This time I got top class practice, and my concepts improved much more than before, and I went from negative to positive in my confidence. Cheat-test was what made me pass the MCPD exam in the second attempt, and with no worries or bad feelings. So, thanks Cheat-test for the help.
Christian Nolan"

Bring On The Questions
I love challenges, and Cheat-test provided me with just that for the MCPD exam preparation. The questions were everything from beginners, to difficult, which was a wonderful opportunity to work on my answering skills, so I could be ready for any kind of question that might come in the Microsoft exam. Cheat-test had very comprehensive resource material, which had a wide range of information, all relevant to the syllabus of course. I loved every moment I practiced with Cheat-test, and I passed in the MCPD exam. Thank you Cheat-test for being so awesome.
Julia Kitchener"

To Pass Or Not To Pass
I am sure we all know which option to pick when it comes to the MCPD exam, since it is crucial to our future, and the level of job that we can get. I was determined to pass it, and I had Cheat-test by my side for my preparation, since I had seen my friend get amazing results from it. Cheat-test prepared me with Microsoft exam practice questions and their instant answers, plus tips on guidance. I passed my MCPD exam, thanks to Cheat-test.
Susanna Dice"

Belief Took Me A Long Way
I keep saying to my friends that self confidence and belief that you are prepared helps a lot, and you get it from using Cheat-test, to practice for the MCPD exam. It has a big supply of practice tests and tips, which are presented as you go along each question. Study material and notes are a super way of memorizing in the last days before the Microsoft exam.
Darlene Sheppard"

Are You Ready To Score Some More?
Now you can match up to your rivals for that glorious MCPD certificate, and beat the odds that could be against you, by simply getting help from Cheat-test. It will give you loads of Microsoft exam questions to solve, and you can time yourself to see how much time you take per question, or you can check how many answers you get correct, so then you will know your preparation level. This was a fantastic method for me to get the MCPD certificate with a great score. Thank you so much Cheat-test.
Charles Barkley"

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Because I did. Then I found Cheat-test during the last days of my MCPD exam prep and it impressed me a lot, because in a short time it made me learn so much, that I had not found in days. I am glad I found it before it was too late, and I had to retry the Microsoft exam.
Selena Rockefeller"

Clarify Your Future
Cheat-test is brilliant for regaining focus for the MCPD exam, and making the candidate feel relaxed and well prepared for the real thing. It gave me many questions to practice with, which gave me a good insight to what I should expect from the Microsoft exam, and how much I needed to prepare. In other words, Cheat-test helped me set my goals straight, and aim for the prize.
Christina Poll"

Fun For MCPD Exam Candidates
I know how dull it gets, when you are stuck with the same text to read over and over again for the MCPD exam, but try Cheat-test, because it will liven up your study experience. It has hundreds of Microsoft exam practice questions, along with their interesting tips which make you see what the examiner requires from your answer, and the concept behind them. Go through the summarized syllabus material, which makes the learning process fast and less tiring. Cheat-test is great for MCPD exam candidates to enjoy, and score their best.
Scott Jones"

Something Different
Due to my lack of satisfaction with my MCPD exam preparation, I began to look around until the day I found Cheat-test. I knew Cheat-test was the guide for me, because it had such an easy interface, and I could get the most of my preparation here, all the way from practice tests of Microsoft exam to guides, tips and study material. It was a brilliant package for a 3 dimensional preparation, and it made me pass the MCPD exam with a super score. All I can say is thank you for helping me.
Amy Hanson"

About MCPD ( Microsoft Certified Professional Developer)

How do we maintain 100% Pass Guarantee on our MCPD Products?
It is well known that Microsoft MCPD certification training is experiencing a great demand in IT industry area. In recent years, the MCPD Certification has become a global standard for many successful IT companies. is the leader in providing certification candidates with current and up-to-date training materials for MCPD Certification. Cheat-test MCPD Practice Questions are written to the highest standards of technical accuracy, by using certified subject matter specialist and published authors for development - no MCPD dumps. Our IT experts can almost cover all the contents of your exam and will be your study guide.

We provide 100% pass guarantee with our MCPD products because we have 100% trust in the abilities of our professional and experienced product team, and our record is a proof of that. We understand that your time is precious and our products are intended to help utilize it in an efficient way. We promise that you can pass the MCPD Exam on the first try after using our MCPD products. has a remarkable Candidates Success record. We're confident of our products and provide a no hassle money back guarantee. That's how confident we are!

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